Meet the Principal, Kylie Millar

Millar, Kylie.jpg

Yowalla yuru [Hello to all of you.]

Nhari nhaju Kylie Millar [My name is Kylie Millar.]

Budabai wugu gana Mitchellgu mangabinda wanja yumba [It's good to come back here to Mitchell, a place we think of as home.] 

Migany ngiya St Patricks yimbanadagu [I am excited to be here at St Patrick's School.]

Ookamindyea [Welcome] to St Patrick’s School, Mitchell.

Building strong, positive, and long-lasting relationships with our students, families, staff, and the wider community is incredibly important to me and a valuable aspect of our school. I am dedicated to strengthening these partnerships and creating a supportive and inclusive school environment where everyone feels ooka min dyia [welcome].

At St Patrick’s School we embrace the religious values of our school and we strive to foster and encourage our Mercy values of compassion, justice, hospitality, service, respect and courage. We have a strong connection with our parish and we encourage students, staff, families and wider community members to be actively involved with our parish and the religious life of our school.

St Patrick’s is strongly committed to supporting the wellbeing of our staff and students and it is my goal that every student graduates from St Patrick’s School, with the personal attributes required to positively contribute to a better world and have the necessary skills and understanding for a lifetime of wellbeing and learning.

I am committed to ensuring students in rural and remote areas receive high quality educational and wellbeing experiences. I am incredibly passionate about working with students who benefit from additional support and guidance whilst on their learning journey. Nothing warms my heart more, than seeing the growth and development of our students and the proud smiles on their faces when they achieve success.

Multi-age classes are common in small schools. At St Patrick’s School, we pride ourselves on the vast benefits this opportunity provides our students. The experience and knowledge of our staff provides expert planning and development which contributes to a supportive, challenging, and lifelong learning environment, conducive to each child’s development and enjoyment. Our goal is to develop each student spiritually, academically, physically, emotionally and socially.

My family and I have returned home to Mitchell, and we are enjoying reconnecting with this warm and welcoming community.

I am excited to be Principal at St Patrick's and I look forwarding to supporting you and your child/children throughout their learning journey.

If you have any enquiries or are considering St Patrick’s School for your child’s primary years of schooling, I invite you to visit our school or to make contact with us.

Warm regards
Kylie Millar